How To Get A Metal Roof For Your House - Step By Step Guide With A Metal Roofing Contractor

How To Get A Metal Roof For Your House - Step By Step Guide With A Metal Roofing Contractor

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We interview a metal roofing contractor and discuss the process of how metal roofing is installed on your house. In this video we go through all of the steps including choosing the type of metal roofing panels, metal roofing colors, metal roofing permits

00:00 How metal roofing is installed
00:41 Who is All In One Roofing?
01:30 How to get a permit for a metal roof on your house
02:16 What is Title 24?
02:37 How to choose the correct type of metal roofing and color
03:35 What should you look for in a metal roofing contract?
04:15 How long does it take to install a metal roof?
05:12 How much does it cost to replace old wood for your roof?
05:50 What's the process of disposing your old metal roof?
06:46 What is the process of finalizing a metal roofing installation?
07:42 How to choose a metal roofing contractor
09:15 What type of warranty do you get with a metal roof?
09:50 What maintenance should I do for metal roof on a house?
10:50 What's the most common metal roofing installation repair or problem?

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How to choose a metal roofing contractor

The first step when you decide to put a metal roof on your house is to choose a contractor. After you have a contractor, you will then need to decide upon which type of metal roofing and the metal roofing color.

How do you get a permit for metal roofing on your home?
If you are hiring a contractor they will handle the entire permitting process. The metal roofing contractor will send someone to the city to pull the permit. It's usually a one day process to pull a metal roof permit for your home. It's not any more difficult to obtain a permit for a metal roofing permit vs a shingle permit.

What is Title 24?
It measure the energy efficiency of a metal roof. If you have a cool roof system it will qualify as a Title 24 roof in most instances.

How to choose a metal roofing color?
The contractor will bring a color chart and color chips and you will choose which metal roofing color is best for your project.

What to expect with a metal roofing contract
The metal roofing contract will break down the entire process of a metal roofing installation. It will cover the type of metal roofing, colors, tearing off the old roof, payment schedule, and clean up.

How long does it take to install a metal roof?
When you are having metal roofing installed on your house it will take somewhere between 3 days to one week from start to finish. The size of the metal roof and difficulty of the job can extend the time that it takes for the metal roofing contractor to complete the job.

How do you finalize a metal roofing installation?
Your metal roofing contractor will meet with you and do a walk through at completion. The customer will sign off on the metal roofing installation.

How to choose a metal roofing contractor
The most important thing to check is that your roofing contractor has a contractors license. You should also confirm that they are a roofer and not a general contractor. In addition, verify that they have extensive experience installing metal roofing and not just asphalt shingles. It's also a good idea to check references and reviews.

What type of metal roofing warranty will you get on your house?
The warranty for a metal roof is broken into two categories which are the panel warranty and the installation warranty. The installation warranty will vary depending upon the contractor. It should be discussed prior to hiring a contractor and included within the contract.

The panel warranty is provided by the panel manufacturer and is actually a paint warranty in most instances. It's normally valid for 25 to 50 years and covers a variety of issues.

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Title: How To Get A Metal Roof For Your House - Step By Step Guide With A Metal Roofing Contractor
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