Installing an In Roof Solar Panel System

Installing an In Roof Solar Panel System

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April 17, 2024
Solar Panels
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How do you make a solar panel installation look absolutely beautiful? By installing an in-roof system from Viridian Solar. In today's video Jordan, Lee, Luke and Wayne are shown the ropes by Viridian expert instructor, Jamie. 12 Recessed panels installed into a custom built roof, designed with only 1 thing in mind; maximised solar generation. Send this video to someone who needs a system like this installed!

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00:30 Let me tell you a story
02:57 Welcome Jamie
05:31 First panel
06:17 The most important thing
07:30 Perfect tool for the job
08:34 Get the window cleaner?
09:42 Fast progress
10:24 What are the benefits of an in-roof system?
12:30 To optimise or not to optimise?
15:00 Finishing touches
16:03 The finished product

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Title: Installing an In Roof Solar Panel System
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