Which Metal Roofing Panel Is Best For A Low Sloped Roof?

Which Metal Roofing Panel Is Best For A Low Sloped Roof?

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You want to install a metal roof on your house, but have a low sloped metal roof. In this video we discuss the best metal roofing panels to use for low sloped roofs.

00:00 What is the best metal roof panel for a low sloped roof?
00:33 What is low slope roofing?
01:02 Can you put a metal roof on a low slope roof?
01:29 What is the best metal roofing panel for a low sloped roof?
02:06 What is the difference between single lock and double lock standing seam metal roofing?
02:30 What are the different types of mechanical seam metal roofing?
02:48 What is the best exposed fastener metal roofing panel for a low sloped roof?

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Can You Put A Metal Roof On A Low Slope?
Yes, Most metal roofing panels will work with a 3:12 roof pitch or greater. However, If you have a low sloped roof, you will have to choose the correct metal roof panel.

What are the disadvantages of a low sloped roofs?
Low slope roofs are more like to have water damage because they do not offer much steepness for rainwater to runoff. If the water sits on the roof surface for too long, it can penetrate the roof, resulting in leaks and expensive repairs.

What Are The Best Metal Roofing Panels For A Low Slope Roof?
Mechanically Lock Standing Seam
7.2 Panel/Western Rib

Mechanically seamed metal roofing panels are a concealed fastener system. The metal panels are designed to be used with clips that can be locked together with a seamer tool. Mechanically seamed panels are the most weather resistant metal roof system.

7.2 Panel Versus Standing Seam
7.2 Panel or Western Rib is not as weathertight as the mechanically fastened standing seam panels. However, 7.2 panel is the more affordable and easier to install.



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Title: Which Metal Roofing Panel Is Best For A Low Sloped Roof?
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