What is a Metal Roof?

What is a Metal Roof?

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What is a metal roof and what makes it unique? Learn the in's and out's of metal roofing by downloading your free Metal Roofing Buyer's Guide eBook:


Welcome to Metal Roofing 101, where we take a look at metal roofing components, problems, cost, comparisons and reviews. Thad Barnette interviews experts, visits job sites and answers some of the most common metal roofing questions asked today. Get ready to learn everything you'll ever need to know about metal roofing!

In "What is a Metal Roof?", Thad talks with Adam Mazzella about the basics of metal roofing like materials, cost, warranties and more.

Topics covered:
►Intro 00:00
►What makes a metal roof unique? 0:37
►How long does a metal roof last? 1:15
►How durable are metal roofs? 1:51
►How much does a metal roof cost? 2:42
►What are the warranty options for metal roofs? 4:22
►What maintenance does a metal roof require? 5:22
►Is metal roofing eco-friendly? 6:23

Want to learn more about metal roofing materials and how to choose the best one for you? Download your free Metal Roofing Buyer's Guide eBook:

Please note the installation details and methods shown in this video are for reference only. Sheffield Metals recommends following their published installation details or for WTW projects following the required details issued and marked approved for that specific project.



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Title: What is a Metal Roof?
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