Standing Seam Metal Roof Vs Corrugated Metal Roofing [Cost + Pros & Cons + Installation]

Standing Seam Metal Roof Vs Corrugated Metal Roofing [Cost + Pros & Cons + Installation]

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Standing Seam Metal Roofing Vs Corrugated Metal Roofing. Pros & Cons. Comparison Of Exposed Fastener Panels Vs Standing Seam.

What's The Best Type And Style For Your Metal Roof Panels?
Are you trying to determine which metal roofing styles are best? This video will discuss whether corrugated metal roofing installation or standing seam is the best type of metal roof for your house.

You will learn about the two types of residential metal roofing: exposed fastener or concealed fastener metal roofing panels.
We compare metal roof cost and performance for these two types of metal roof panels.

Learn About The Pros & Cons Of Standing Seam Concealed Fastener Panels Vs Corrugated Metal Roofing, R Panel, Ag Panel, and U Panel.

00:00 Standing seam vs corrugated metal roof
01:04 Exposed fastener panel vs standing seam - Which is more weather-tight?
03:35 Which is easier to install?
5:02 What is the cost of standing seam vs corrugated metal roofing
6:45 Which requires more maintenance standing seam or corrugated?
7:38 Compatibility with a low slope roof
8:20 Which is a stronger panel?
9:05 Which metal roofing panel looks better?
10:04 Compatibility with solar panels or snow retention systems
11:20 Which metal roofing style is right for me?

In this standing seam vs corrugated metal roof video we will discuss:
Standing Seam And Corrugated Metal Roofing Installation
Metal Roof Cost
Metal Roofing Maintenance
Low Slope Roofs
Panel Strength
Panel Appearance And Style
Best Type Of Metal Roof For My House

Exposed fastener panels vs concealed fastener panels:


2. Corrugated Metal Roofing V. Standing Seam

3. Exposed Fastener Metal Panels V. Standing Seam Systems For Metal Roofs

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Corrugated Metal Roofing v. Standing Seam (Pros & Cons)

The two most popular metal panels are corrugated and standing seam. A corrugated metal roof consists of a formed metal sheet with alternating curved and wavy ribs. The edges of each panel overlap and are fastened together. It’s an exposed fastener panel which means the fasteners penetrate the panel.

Standing seam metal roofing consist of a formed metal sheet with vertical ribs at panel edges, installed by lapping and interlocking edges of adjacent panels. The panels are attached to the substrate using concealed clips and fasteners. The screws don’t penetrate the panel.

Corrugated Metal Roofing Pros:
1. Cost - Corrugated metal roofing panels cost half as much as standing seam.
2. Fast And Affordable Installation - Requires less of a skillset, Easier install vs standing seam.
3. Less Prone to Visible Oil Canning

Corrugated Metal Roofing Cons:
1. Weather Tightness - It's an Exposed fastener panel. This means that thousands of fasteners penetrate the panel to keep the roof in place. All of these penetrations in the roof leave a chance for moisture to get in. If the fasteners are not properly installed or become loose, the roof can be vulnerable to leaks.
2. Additional maintenance vs standing seam
3. Corrugated metal roofing requires a minimum roof slope of 3” in 12”.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Pros:
1. Aesthetics - Standing seam is streamlined and has a modern appearance.
2. Less Likely To Leak - It's a concealed fastener panel which means the fasteners asteners don’t penetrate the metal roofing panel.
3. Suitable For Low Slope Roofs - Mechanically fastened standing seam panels are suitable for roof pitches of 1” in 12” or greater.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Cons:
1. Cost - Standing seam metal roofing panels can cost twice as much vs corrugated panels.
2. Installation - Standing seam is difficult to install. It's not a DIY friendly panel and the installation cost are 30%-50% more vs corrugated.
3. Requires more metal roofing flashing - The cost of the metal roofing trim will be at least 50% more vs corrugated.

What's The Best Type Of Residential Metal Roofing Panel For You?

Standing Seam is best for those who:
Want the most weather-tight panel
Want a panel that requires less maintenance
Have a low roof slope condition
Live in an area prone to severe weather
Want a modern design.
Will spend more money for quality and weather tightness

Corrugated is best for those who:
Want to save money
Want a roof that is wavy looking and not flat
DIY Installations


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Title: Standing Seam Metal Roof Vs Corrugated Metal Roofing [Cost + Pros & Cons + Installation]
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