Kynar Vs SMP: Which Paint Coating Is Better For Metal Roofing Or Metal Siding. Pros, Cons, Cost

Kynar Vs SMP: Which Paint Coating Is Better For Metal Roofing Or Metal Siding. Pros, Cons, Cost

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PVDF coatings such as Kynar 500® by Arkema, Inc. is the premier paint coating that's available for metal roofing and metal siding panels. However, it cost more than SMP paint systems and it's not always the best fit. In this video we have a paint coatings expert that will describe the pros and cons of PVDF paint systems vs SMP paint coatings.

00:00 What's the best paint system for your metal roof?
01:31 Kynar Vs. SMP paint
01:43 What is SMP coating?
02:13 What is Kynar coating?
03:26 Pros and cons of Kynar PVDF paint
04:03 What is chalking on metal?
04:44 What is color fading on a metal roof?
05:46 What colors are best for Kynar paint coatings?
10:35 Metal roofing vs metal siding UV exposure
12:32 How much does Kynar metal roofing cost?
14:14 Matte metal roofing colors
15:51 What are the benefits of Kynar paint?
16:05 What are the problems of Kynar paint?

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Best Paint For Metal Roof: SMP Paint v Kynar

Kynar®: The Pros And Cons | Metal Roofing & Siding

Picking the right color for your metal roof is exciting, but more considerations should be made during the decision making process besides what the color looks like. Choosing the right paint system for your metal roof is a big contributing factor into how your roof will look long term.

While Kynar® PVDF coatings maintain its color longer, it’s also not the right fit for every roof. In this article, we help you decide if they are right for you by discussing the pros and cons of Kynar.

What Is Kynar®?
Kynar® is a trade name that refers to the resin polyvinylidene fluoride, or PVDF. Kynar® coatings use the highest quality pigmentations and consist of one of the strongest bonds known, called the carbon-fluorine bond, which adds to its durability.

What Are The Alternatives To Kynar®?
SMP (Silicone-modified polyester)

Polyester Paint System
A polyester paint system consists of unsaturated synthetic poly resins that are blended with organic pigments. While this paint system is the least durable, it is also the most affordable. It’s rarely used for metal roofing or siding panels.
SMP Paint System
SMP paint system consists of polyester and silicone intermediates. SMP is the middle ground between the polyester and Kynar® paint systems, however there is a large variation in quality within the SMP paint category depending on the specific makeup of the resin. The higher the silicone content, the better the performance of the paint as the silicone improves the paint’s gloss retention and weather resistance.

SMP paint systems are primarily used on light gauge metal panels in a 26 or 29 gauge thickness. In addition, they are used more often as a metal siding versus a metal roofing because you will have less UV exposure. The main disadvantage of SMP paint systems is that the color will fade quicker when compared to a Kynar system. The colors that work best with SMP paint systems are earth tones and whites as the fading will be less noticeable.

Why Is Kynar® Better Than Other Paint Systems?
Kynar’s high performance and superior resistance to premature chalking and fading, as well as excellent chemical resistance, makes it the highly preferred paint system. When it comes to metal roofing, where the painted surface is highly exposed to damaging elements such as UV rays and debris, excellent abrasion and fading resistance is critical.

By having a superior paint system such as Kynar®, the metal roof panels are able to maintain their aesthetic quality for longer than other metal roof paint systems such as SMP.

The Pros Of Kynar®
Greater resistance to fading
Greater resistance to chalking
Superior longevity than other paint systems
Large variety of color options

The Cons Of Kynar PVDF Paint
Kynar® is more expensive
Less abrasion resistance

Choosing Kynar® Panels For Your Metal Roof
Kynar® panels are popular for maintaining their vibrant appearance longer without fading. However, they are significantly more expensive and may not be the right fit for every project.

Kynar® Paint Panels Typically Fit Those Who:
Are using the panels on their home or have aesthetics as a main concern.
Want the panel with the best longevity possible.
Choose panels in bright and vibrant colors such as red or green.




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Title: Kynar Vs SMP: Which Paint Coating Is Better For Metal Roofing Or Metal Siding. Pros, Cons, Cost
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