Fiberglass Vs Polycarbonate Roofing Panels: Which Is A Better Skylight For A Metal Roof?

Fiberglass Vs Polycarbonate Roofing Panels: Which Is A Better Skylight For A Metal Roof?

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In this video we compare the differences between polycarbonate roofing panels and fiberglass roofing panels. At the end of the video you will understand which is a better skylight for metal roofing panels.

00:00 Polycarbonate roofing panels vs fiberglass roofing panels
00:00 What is a fiberglass roofing panel?
01:11 What are the problems for fiberglass roofing panels?
01:44 What is fiber bloom?
02:26 Light transmission polycarbonate vs fiberglass
03:33 Which type of metal roofing skylight will fit better?
04:27 How much do polycarbonate skylights cost?
04:55 What is the lifespan of a polycarbonate skylight?

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What are the differences between a polycarbonate roofing panel and a fiberglass roofing panel?
Fiberglass skylights have been around for over sixty years and are the original skylight for metal roofing panels. The fiberglass panel is a plastic panel that gets it's structural integrity from fibers.
The polycarbonate skylight panels does not require glass fibers for it's structural integrity.

What are the problems associated with fiberglass roofing panels?
The fibers that are in the fiberglass skylight panels will separate from the panels. Dirt, dust, and debris will get stuck in these fibers. This will look horrible from underneath and cause a loss of light transmission.

What has better light transmission?
Fiberglass skylight panels for metal roofs will allow about 30% to 40% light transmission.
With polycarbonate panels you have different color options that offers light transmission from 45% to 90% light transmission.

Will a polycarbonate skylight or a fiberglass skylight fit the metal roofing panels better?
Polycarbonate roofing panels have tighter extrusions and will match the profile of the metal roofing or metal siding panels. You will get a better fit and it will be more weather-tight.

How much do skylight panels for metal roofs cost?
There's very little difference in cost between fiberglass roofing and polycarbonate roofing

What is the lifespan of skylight panels for metal roofs?
With a fiberglass skylight panel you will start to lose light transmission within three years. Polycarbonate skylights have a limited ten year warranty against loss of light transmission.

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Title: Fiberglass Vs Polycarbonate Roofing Panels: Which Is A Better Skylight For A Metal Roof?
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