7 Common Problems of a Metal Roof

7 Common Problems of a Metal Roof

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Welcome to Metal Roofing 101, where we take a look at metal roofing components, problems, cost, comparisons and reviews. Thad Barnette interviews experts, visits job sites and answers some of the most common metal roofing questions asked today. Get ready to learn everything you'll ever need to know about metal roofing!

Today's episode of Metal Roofing 101 dives into 7 common problems with metal roofing, how to spot them, and how to fix or prevent them.

Topics covered:
►Intro 00:00
►Oil Canning 0:32
►Leaking 2:25
►Scratching and Scuffing 3:43
►Corrosion 4:45
►Dissimilar Materials 6:33
►Chalking and Fading 8:14
►Installation Error 9:09

WATCH - 7 Common Problems of Shingle Roofing:

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Title: 7 Common Problems of a Metal Roof
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