Ultimate Guide to Skylight Replacement

Ultimate Guide to Skylight Replacement

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In this video we show you how to replace a skylight on a shingle roof with a new, deck-mounted, Velux brand skylight. Every skylight install and replacement won't be the same, but with a little tweaking to flashing or ice and water shield, you should be able to apply our techniques to allow for a full replacement with your own two hands!

Roofing mistakes can cause hundreds of dollars in damage to your home. If you follow our roofing tips and tricks, we make it clear how you can avoid unnecessary costs. For more roofing tips, visit our channel or visit us at cenvarroofing.com!

This job will require:
A bundle of shingles (try your best to match the old color)
Skylight (we recommend Velux)
Skylight Flashing Kit!! (sold separately)
1-1/4" Galvanized Roofing Nails (to install new shingles and flashing)
Crowbar (to take out old nails)
Drill (can use screwdriver if the new skylight is nail mounted)
Hook Blade (to cut shingles to size and ice and water shield)
Ice and Water Shield (ONLY purchase if you buy something other than Velux)

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00:00 Welcome!
00:04 Job Information
00:48 Taking out Surrounding Shingles
01:17 How to Remove the Shingles
02:03 Keep the Tar Strip UP!
02:24 Removing More Shingles
02:35 Continue Removing Downward
03:03 Move to the Other Side
03:17 Exposed Nails in Flashing are Bad
03:57 Broken Seal on the Old Skylight
04:12 Wasco Skylights and Rubber Gaskets
04:43 Shingle wasn’t even nailed?
04:50 Revealing Brackets for Removal
05:31 Missing Bracket
05:46 Prepping New Skylight Before Removal
06:17 Velux Skylights supply all the materials for installation!
06:38 Remove the Trim Piece on Deck Mounted Skylights
06:55 Save the Screws for Later!
07:06 Removing the Old Skylight
07:32 Installing the New Skylight
07:42 Difference between the old and new skylight
08:03 Add trim board after for aesthetic appeal
08:14 Start Securing at Top Corners
08:37 Skylights were original to the structure
08:43 Velux Step Flashing Kit EDL C06
09:22 What comes in a flashing kit?
10:08 Installing front Ice and Water Shield on Skylight
11:11 How to Lay Corners Flush with Ice and Water against Skylight
11:27 Ice and Water on Sides of Skylight
12:41 Installing Shingles Around Skylight
13:23 Front Pan of Flashing Kit for Skylight
14:10 Extra cut to redirect water!
14:41 Installing the Step Flashing on the Skylight
15:58 Same thing on the other side!
16:05 How each nail is protected
16:20 Finalizing Step Flashing
16:31 Putting on the Back Pan
17:00 Reinstalling the Trim Pieces
17:58 Installing Shingles above the Back Pan
18:24 Don’t Nail into the Back Pan!
18:42 Installing Final Shingles
19:12 Screwing in the Trim Pieces
19:20 One Velux Skylight!

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By: Cenvar Roofing and Solar
Title: Ultimate Guide to Skylight Replacement
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUeRmAVff2A