Roof Corrosion in Oahu Hawaii - Best Roofing Advice

Roof Corrosion in Oahu Hawaii - Best Roofing Advice

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March 23, 2024
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Roof Corrosion

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Hawaiian sun, winds and salt air corrodes your roof at a pace far faster that most areas. As a result you have to take special care of your roof.

Oceanview started over thirty years ago in Southern California when a young school boy, Peter Michelmore, was fascinated by the local construction workers and ended up helping one tore down a house. Later he helped a roofer for the summer, which turned into a high school job. Before he graduated, Peter was running roofing crews while his boss made sales.

In 1992, Peter moved to Oahu and worked for local roofing companies for five years before he could relocate his local roofing company here.

One of the secrets to Oceanview Roofing's success and satisfied customers is their roofers. "Our roofers have medical benefits and are paid well. When we look after our roofers, they look after your roof." says Peter. This strategy, and commitment to quality work at a fair price, has propelled Oceanview Roofing to consistent 5 star ratings on Yelp.

We don't skimp on material or workmanship, and pride ourselves on delivering superior products and services at rates that are more than competitive for the island of Oahu. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations on every roofing job we undertake, from new installations to extensive repair jobs.

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By: Scott Paton
Title: Roof Corrosion in Oahu Hawaii - Best Roofing Advice
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