Best Metal Roofing Hawaii

Best Metal Roofing Hawaii

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April 12, 2024
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Best Metal Roofing Hawaii

Interlock Aluminum Roofing
The Perfect Roof for the Perfect Storm in Hawaii

One of the most expensive mistakes that Hawaii homeowners make when choosing a roof for their home is selecting a material that will not withstand the extremes of our tropical climate:
Strong winds
Excessive rain
UV Exposure
Salt Air

What many homeowners fail to consider is the cost of maintenance, repairs and replacement if they choose a roofing product that will fade, rust, crack, curl, rot, split, discolor or collect mildew. Roofs that leak can soon lead to high costs for rot replacement or even worse, structural damage.

Interlock Permanent Roofing is the best roof for Hawaii because it is the only product specifically designed to withstand the extremes of tropical weathering.

The Interlock Aluminum roofs are so durable that you’ll never have to replace your roof again. NEVER! The Interlock roofs come with a lifetime or 50-year transferable warranty.

The unique Interlocking flashing system allows this roof to be installed with few or no exposed nails or fasteners. It fits on your roof like a giant puzzle. The trims and flashings are factory made and are custom fit to your home.

This fastening system allows the Interlock Roof to withstand winds in excess of 165 mph. You can see the testing report here.
Will not rust like steel roofs

Aluminum is the best material for tropical climates because it is very strong and will withstand rusting.

As you know, Oahu's salt air will rapidly cause rust and deterioration on steel roofs. Many of these steel roofs rot from the underside, simply from condensation in our humid environment.

Aluminum roofing is the best choice for keeping your home cooler in the tropics. Tests have shown up to a 40% reduction in cooling costs. It is in fact going to reduce your cooling costs.

Best Metal Roofing Hawaii

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